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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 11, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PST

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with their courage and humanity our cnn heroes are still lighting the way inspiring others to foow their example. i'll be there sunday night at 8:00 eastern for cnn heroes an all-star tribute. hosted with my colleague, anderson cooper. you don't want to miss it. it will be a cracking evening. >> sunset shooter. this is hollywood, but not a movie. a real life gunman unloading on unsuspecting drivers. hear what the gunman told the man who videotaped the entire shooting. abuse of authority. new sex abuse allegations. involving one of the nation's largest sports organizations. this time the head of the organize is accused and where is he? the war on religion and christmas? >> people first of all are so afraid to be political correct. that we're afraid to say anything to each other.
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>> t.j. jakes speaks out on that, politics, and his fellow pastor's divorce and sex misconduct allegations. paying tribute. remembering families who celebrate the holidays without their loved ones who died in combat. our fallen heroes. it's all right here right now on cnn. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm don lemon. tonight, los angeles police are trying to figure out why a gunman started shooting at passing cars in hollywood. >> oh, my god. >> this is sunset and vine. one of the well most intersections in los angeles. police shot and killed the gunman after this video was taken. he's identified at 25-year-old tyler greene. during the rampage people on the street scrambled for cover. >> he was shooting, like a car drove by and he shot into the car. cars started to swerve and braking and so then at that
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point i kind of ducked down behind the water fountain and ran into the bank and they locked all the doors. >> this video was shot by christopher johns from his apartment. johns was able to distract the gunman which may have saved lives. we'll play the entire video for you up until the moment police fatally shot greene. >> there's a madman in the streets. oh, my god. you all right? there's a madman just shot people. he's shooting people at will. he's shooting people. he's shooting people at will. there's a madman. there's a madman. madman. hey you [ bleep ] madman. [ bleep ] hey.
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shoot me. shoot me. come on. why don't you come up here. come on up here, buddy. come here. stop being -- come on up. let's do some [bleep] come on. i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you. shoot at me. i love you. i love you. i love you, man. kill me. i want to die. please kill me. i was just going to jump. i thought about you. i thought about a man shooting. you came. you came from god. you came from god. i don't have any, man.
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i'm so sorry. >> call an ambulance. >> i'm so sorry. >> call an ambulance. >> i'm so sorry, man. i thought of you and you came and you shot people. i thought of you just now. take him out. take him out. take him out. take him out. take him out. [ gunfire ] >> yelling at a deranged gunman may seem to be a foolish thing and i asked christopher johns about that. he's the guy that shot that video. here's what he said. >> down there at point blank
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range to the shooter they were going to get shot. they were helpless being avoid to get killed. me i'm four stories up. if i can direct the attention towards me, any gunshots that he would shoot at me, i would have an opportunity to get out of the way. i don't know. i just made a calculation and i thought it was a good one that if any attention i could take away from the people in the street, you know, put it on me, i could probably save my own life and save other people's in the process. >> unbelievable that nobody died in this, chris. there were people who were injured. he was shooting point blank at cars and holding a gun. explain to the viewers how he was holding the gun and hiding until the cars got right up on him. >> yeah. he was holding the gun kind of is methodically and mechanically, waiving it around. it looked like anything that was moving. you know you could see the red car go by, pop he shoots it. i'm screaming out anything i
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can. i told him that he was an angel sent from god to kill me. i said that's what his mission was. i would stop at nothing to get his attention and get it towards me. luckily nobody died. i don't know if i could have done anything more. but i wasn't at any moment afraid of somehow being shot or killed or wounded. i was worried about the people on the street and i had a much better opportunity to avoid death from my vantage point. >> he did engage you in conversation, asking you for ammunition. did he ask you for another gun? he wanted you to call an ambulance and asking for more ammo. >> yeah. i told him to kill me. i said kill me. please kill me right now. i'm prepared to die. because i thought that if i could engage him and at the same time, you know, make him feel like i wanted to die and kind of take his power away from him. somebody in that situation they gain their power over people by, you know, they have a gun and
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they can take your life at any moment. >> he never told you why he was doing it, right? >> no. we didn't get like really deep. i was just saying crazy things and i wanted his attention. he didn't shoot any round at me. some of the people in the building are matt like hey, why are you trying to get us shot. i said if we were near the windows looking we would have an opportunity to, he's turning our way and pointing the gun at us to get out of the way. >> when i spoke with an lapd sergeant earlier, she said he did do the right thing because he wasn't in harm's way and could have ducked at any time and probably did save lives. as information comes about the possible motive we'll share you. >> happened again. another youth sports leader is under fire accused of molesting boys a long time ago. th relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. tylenol: and i relieve nasal congestion.
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the amateur athletic union is responding tonight to shocking allegations that it's former president molested two boys in the '80s. espn broke the story today. robert dodd who is undergoing cancer treatment was immediately removed from his post. here's a statement from the interim president louis stout. >> i want to make it clear that bobby dodd is no longer president and executive director of the aau. the organization has no continuing contact with him. and he has no continuing association with the organization and its programs. finally, we are urging anyone in the aau community who has information about any incidents of inappropriate behavior or abuse to contact law enforcement and the aau.
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>> tonight cnn george howell has the latest for us from memphis where these incidents took place when dodd was a sports director at a local ymca. george? >> reporter: memphis police confirm there's an active investigation into the former president and ceo of the amateur athletic union, robert bobby dodd. this investigation started after two men decided to confront dodd and share their stories on espn's "outside the line" claiming that dodd sexually abused them back in the 1980s when these men were teenagers. both say they decided to speak out, given the sexual abuse allegation that are playing out at syracuse university and penn state. now one of the men spoke anonymously to espn but one of the men, ralph west decided to speak on camera saying he was sexually abused at least six times back in the 1980s. just look at what he told "outside the lines." >> i was dead asleep. i don't remember anything but waking up and he's trying to put his hand in my boxer shorts.
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and i jumped up straight out of bed and he's laying down there next to my bed. of course i was freaked out. >> how did he get in the room? >> he had a key. he always had somehow had a key to whatever room i was in. >> since the story broke, the aau contacted memphis police. an active investigation happening here. the aau brought on a new interim president and they say that dodd was planning to retire this month, saying he's currently fighting colon cancer. don. >> george, thank you very much for that. in just three days former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will face his alleged victims in court for the first time. they are expected to testify at a preliminary hearing on tuesday, detailing their claims that sandusky sexually abused them when they were young. this week sandusky was arrested on 12 new counts of abuse involving two new alleged victims. former coach was released on
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$250,000 bail. earlier i asked the defense attorney holly hughes why his bail wasn't set higher? >> the bail is to each individual crime so it's not as if you can say you're charged with 16 different murders and we'll give you 16 different bonds and increase them each time. the number is commensurate with the crime charged. >> sandusky is under house arrest and must wear an electronic monitoring defense. he's behind best selling books, movies and a church with 30,000 members. after the break, bishop t.d. jakes and i talk religion, sex scandals and what some call the war on christmas. nyquil:what? tissue box (whispering): he said nasal congestion... nyquil: i heard him. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
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bishop t.d. jakes is one of america's best-known pastors. his church, the potter house claims more than 30,000 victims. his media empire includes radio, television and film productions and numerous best-selling books. his latest "the relationship bible life lessons on relationships from the inspired word of god." earlier i got a chance to talk with bishop jakes and i started by asking him ant what seems like the annual debate of the so-called war on christmas. >> i think that people are trying to be so politically correct that we're afraid to say anything to each other and i think it's unfortunate. there are some groups of people who are an any any expression of christianity and have been and probably always be will. although that's disappointing that's what makes america great. that we have all of this diversity. >> bishop let's talk about these
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child sex abuse scandals that we've been hearing so much about in state and syracuse and another one today. what is going on in our society, in our country when you hear about cover-ups and things like this? >> you know something, don. this has been going on for years and years and years. it's just that with social networking and 24 hour media cycles that we have today it has come to the surface in a way it has not done historically. one in six boys molested in this country before the age of 18 and one in four girls this is not a news story. these cases with penn state and syracuse and elsewhere are highlighted. they are important. my concern is most of the abuse we're seeing happening in this country is not highlighted. it's not with big celebrities or prestigious people. it's down in the trenches with nearly 50% of boys being molested in homes by people that they know. so i don't want us to demonize these people as the epitome of
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evil at the expense of overlooking people in our communities, our neighbors and relatives who have access to our children. it's time for parents to take the sharp wake up call and build the kind of communication with their children so that we can really check to make sure that this is not happening not only at penn state where we need to snap it out but in our own neighborhoods and communities. >> have to ask you this, bishop. i have to ask you about bishop eddie long. you know him. i think you're friends with him, a fellow pastor. he leads a mega church here in atlanta. he settled several abuse and misconduct cases against him. his wife filed for divorce. your thoughts on that. first the misconduct allegations. >> well, i think if there was actually misconduct we have -- the young men involved -- and they are older men. i think it's a little different from a 10-year-old who can't speak for himself. when you get these older boys who can make decisions, old
1:19 am
enough to drive a car, old enough to go to war, if there is a deliberate action done here, we can't take a cash settlement when we really want justice done. because it leaves the public wondering what really happened. because of the judicial system that we have today, none of us are curious -- our curiosities are not resolved because the only people who really know what happened between the boys and bishop are the boys and bishop. perhaps we'll never know at this point. but we can use it as a talking point, to begin to deal with how we interact with leadership and how we interact with people and what our expectations are of people. and in that way i think it will do well. look, the most recent information that i have read is that bishop long has taken a sabbatical with his wife to rebuild his marriage and strengthen his relationship i read due to the pressure of all of the media. >> he said last sunday in church he's going to take some time off to deal with the issues with his family.
1:20 am
but his wife did file for divorce and she said she stands behind that. she said it was irreconciable differences, that there's no chance of getting back together. >> whenever i counsel any couple, don, i try to see them resolve things because at the end of the day, above our jobs, above our careers and everything else, i think family is really important. >> do you know how he's doing? >> i do not know. i do not know. i did know that he had decided to take a leave of absence until i read it. but i'm hoping that they're using it as a time to cut off the phone and the tv and really rebuild their relationship. for the people who are high profile like yourself, like me, him and others, it's very difficult to maintain a private life when you're living in a fish bowl all the time. sometimes you have to cut off the lights and put your priorities back into alignment. my prayer is that the longs will use this opportunity to get that done. my producer said i misspoke i said 30,000 victims, i meant 30,000 members. my apologies to the potter's house.
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t.d. jakes book, "the relationship bible." thank you again, bishop t.d. jakes. from the presidential election to the economy to the occupy movement there's no shortage of opinions when it comes to politics but we found a voice and you probably never heard before and his rants are heating up the internet. straight ahead meet felonious monk. >> everybody who has a loan to the federal government [ bleep ] paying it. don't pay your bills because they ain't paying theirs. [ bleep ] i'm not doing what you don't do. you're the leader. i'm following. you don't pay i don't pay. how about that? [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®.
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anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. let's talk politics now. the republican presidential hopefuls are debating in iowa tonight just 3 1/2 weeks before the iowa caucuses on january 3rd. earlier today newt gingrich's campaign tried to clarify a comment he made on the jewish cable network. he described the middle east peace process as delusional and referred to what he called an invented palestinian people. those remarks were condemned by a top palestinian official and the gingrich campaign later issued a statement that reads quote, gingrich supports a negotiated peace agreement between the israelis and
1:25 am
palestinians. however to understand what is being proposed and negotiated you have to understand decades of complex history. the return of gingrich revives public apension -- attention on the man who once served as speaker of the house. fredricka whitfield has a preview. >> don, newt gingrich is at the top of the political polls and the hunt for the 2012 republican presidential nomination. that means he's also the target of many attacks from the other contenders. he's accused of having three marriages and is accused of flip-flopping. he converted to catholicism a few years ago. tomorrow we'll take an in depth look at gingrich's faith. join us sunday in the cnn newsroom. >> thank you. we'll be watching. the 24 hour news cycle is full of analysts and commentators. so-called experts giving their two cents on everything from politics and sports to scandals and entertainment.
1:26 am
now i want you to listen to a new voice who is saying what i think a lot of people may be thinking. >> to the government. the united states government, yo, $14.6 trillion? all my credit cards would have been cut off. i'm just asking you to balance the [ bleep ] budget. that's all you got to do. we voted for you all because we were worried about gay rights, marijuana getting legalized. all these other things we were concerned about. how can we get roads, more money for schools. you can't balance a checkbook. this is something every american has to go through every week. we have to figure what we'll pay. what we need to pay off. >> he's a comedian, a writer and with millions of hits on his youtube channel an internet sensation. i talked with him earlier to get a fresh, new opinion on today's political climate. talk about the occupy movement and what do you make of it? >> it's unique in that i think it started -- i won't say unique but it started from something that every major movement starts from and that's people being displaced. people feeling broke, poor,
1:27 am
disenfranchised, marginalized and not having a voice. you step on someone long enough they will stand up. the difference is in every other movement even with your socialist movements which some people are calling this and your -- i don't know what the movement is about. >> you have to admit they are bringing knit caps back into fashion. >> they are. and i'm glad for that. it's cold. i wouldn't have had this baseball cap if i knew knit caps were going to be talked about. that's ghoul. -- that's cool. >> i made that joke because you're a comedian. you've been heady about these things. i want to see your comedic side. i'm going to give you some words and phrases and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. here we go. >> i don't know that you want to do that. >> president barack obama. >> what's up, b. >> rick perry.
1:28 am
>> nice hair. >> newt gingrich. >> nice jowls. >> mitt romney. >> i am gum bi, damn it. >> monk's web series stop it b has over 2 million youtube hits. they are inspiring people to do extraordinary things. cnn is honoring them. we're counting down. next you'll meet one of the finalists for hero the year. i'. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. removes 99% of dirt and toxins without dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. so skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] from neutrogena® naturals. i think we should see other people. in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin. ♪ i would have appreciated a proactive update on the status of our relationship. who do you think i am, tim? quicken loans?
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let's check our headlines. the relentless crackdown in syria continues. activists say 16 people were killed saturday. among the victims a doctor who the opposition considered a hero of the resolution. the united nations estimates more than 4,000 people have been killed in the recent unrest. in oslo, norway, three women accepted the nobel peace prize today. and immediately dedicated the honor to women struggling for equal rights around the world. the three are the liberian president. a social worker and peace campaign in liberia. and an activist and journalist in yemen. volunteers remember fallen
1:32 am
u.s. service members by laying wreaths on their headstones. more than 700 state and national cemeteries, dozens of u.s. militaries on foreign soil and all the sites of the september 11th attacks. about 90,000 wreaths were left on head stones at arlington national cemetery. cnn heroes meet hollywood glamour sunday night. the top ten cnn 2011 heroes will be narrowed down to one. kareen wynter is at the shrine auditorium where the countdown is on. who are we expecting on the red carpet? >> hi, there. actually made our way inside. we have a special treat for you. we're inside the historic shrine auditorium. this is where it will take place. the stage looks fantastic. take a look at all the people, the honorees that will take the spotlight tomorrow from a chef, bruno serato who feeds hungry children here in california to derek kayongo, we spoke to him a few hours ago. his nonprofit organization provides soap to basically kids,
1:33 am
families in needy countries. more than ten countries. individuals making such a powerful difference in their communities. all of these faces will be honored tomorrow, faces like diane latiker. she joins us now. how are you? >> i'm excited. >> how are the nerves one day away from the big night? >> very exciting. >> she has a remarkable story. you wanted to do something, make a difference in your community, chicago, a very tough neighborhood. you're actually pulling in kids, complete strangers off the streets into your own home. tell us why that was so important to you. >> it was important because i just wanted to do my small part. i just wanted to be a part of their lives and show them that we care and i want to nurture them and help them to succeed because that's what adults are supposed to do. community. >> this is also a personal
1:34 am
mission for diane. growing up you wanted to make sure your lovely daughter wasn't pulled into that crime ridden world. correct? >> right. exactly. i wanted to do anything i could because she was the last one in the house. i wanted to make sure i kept up with her, make sure she didn't get caught up in the street. it's so easy in our community. >> you've been getting so emotional. these walls are filled with faces of these heroes. you got so emotional standing there looking at yourself. you shouldn't be surprised. you are impacting so many lives out there. that's why you're being honored in this way. >> i feel so honored but i feel so humble. look at all the people who are helping us. that's what we should be focusing on. like cnn. the world should be focusing on that so others will do the same. >> it feels great. >> it does. >> thank you so much for all your contributions and for anybody out there wondering how can i do my part? you can by logging on to
1:35 am google is making it easy, they are waiving all transaction fees. so even a dollar, no amount of money is too small in making a difference in all of those lives out there. >> every little bit helps. thank you, diane. appreciate it. the moon played a game of hide and seek. did you catch it? we'll check out the total lunar [ electronic beeping ] [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®.
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time now for a saturday night mystery starring jacqui jeras. >> we have to get you new music or listen to you like make up a new one every week. >> you report on a large earthquake in southern mexico. how big was it? >> it scared a lot of people in mexico. it happened about an hour and a half ago. 6.7 magnitude earthquake and that's considered strong. that can cause a fair amount of damage. thankfully so far we haven't heard any reports of damage or injuries. this is about 100 miles south of mexico city. about 80 miles away from acapulco. it was felt in both of those places. buildings war swaying in mexico city. the mayor said no damage. power outages. we'll track that. >> if you live on the east coast you didn't see it but it was a big deal. >> i know.
1:39 am
we hate when that happens. if you live on the west coast and woke up extra early to see this we had a total lunar eclipse last night. take a look at the video. if you were sleeping or live on the east coast you didn't get to see it. >> every time i hear that i think about ♪ once upon a time there was a light in my life ♪ >> more singing. that was the mood. "total eclipse of the heart," that was the song. >> this was seen very well in places like china and japan, australia, new zealand and los angeles, seattle, portland, everybody over on the west coast was able to see this. it was kind of unusual because of the angle we were able to see a big red glow. it wasn't in black. it looked like a big red moon. >> saw the video. nasa. is this a new nasa discovery? what's going on? >> this is a new discovery.
1:40 am
they are confirming a new planet has been found in the galaxy. what they are saying is a twin basically of the earth and what makes it so exciting is because they really believe that there is water on this planet, it's called kessler 2b. go to my graphics i'll show you some interesting statistics. 600,000 light years away. that's the biggest problem. that would take us millions of years. >> how much gas? mommy are we there yet? >> the temperature is 72 degrees. it makes it a sweet spot. makes it feel like spring on this planet. they are not sure of the entire composition. may be like a big water ocean. >> but that means life. >> it's possible. >> life as we know it. >> microbes or intelligent life. exciting confirmation from the kessler mission. >> the mystery of all mysteries right here in atlanta this is a big deal. >> this is a big deal. one of the biggest business
1:41 am
mysteries that i can think of, right. when you think of businesses that have secret recipes what do you think of, coca-cola, maybe -- >> mcdonald's french fries. >> special sauce. >> burger king. >> yes, mcdonald's. basically they moved the secret recipe from a bank vault to the actual headquarters in their museum, so you can go there now. you can see the vault. of course unfortunately they are not revealing the actual recipe. >> very cool. have you ever had that coca-cola that has the real sugar in it without the fructose. >> don't think so. >> it's amazing. >> that much better? >> yeah. i don't drink them any more. just water for me. >> only reason why you're saying that. >> thank you, jacqui. appreciate it. he's an international pop star. his hit sledge hammer still the most played video on mtv. shannon cook sits down with peter gabrial.
1:42 am
but first this -- eurozone crisis threatens to send the world back into another global financial recession but you wouldn't know it by looking at the stock market. should you get out of the market before it's too late? christine romans and pat mccall break it down. >> we've been talking about the europe's debt crisis and effect could it have on the united states. some are drawing comparisons between europe's potential threat and collapse of lehman brothers in 2008. here's what happened to the dow in six months following lehman's collapse. you can see it was a very, very rough time. matt mccall is president of financial group. the dow has been above 12,000. is this your last chance then to get out when you see history like this? >> well, i look at this chart and i have a couple of different views. one makes me sick. it scares me. i look back in march below 7,000 year and a half later your money
1:43 am
doubled. so it's tough to time it. >> now that market is back up at 12,000. >> people are running for exits. we're not near the lows now. we're not in that same type of predicament. there's a chance we could have a major pull back if something doesn't happen in europe. even here in the united states. the political landscape is causing a lot of concern for investors. our confidence has been falling. the housing market is still falling apart. last chance to get out? i don't know if you want to call it that. you have to be nimble and look at your portfolio. >> let me clarify. if you need the use of your money in the next year should that money be sitting in an etrade account? >> no. your money should be in a savings account. unfortunately you're not getting much interest on that, half percent if anything. in the next year you have to have cash. if you have a 20 year timeline sure, you could be in that chart because there's a good chance you'll bounce back several times. >> be sure to watch your money with christine romans and ali
1:44 am
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listen up. you want to know about this. how about this for holiday cheer. you can really eat food that you love over the holidays and stay in shape. you can eat more. >> can you? >> and lose weight.
1:47 am
that's what mark mcdonald says. he's the ceo of venice nutrition. he's the author of a "new york times" best seller "body of confidence." here's here to explain. here's the book. right? i saw you on chelsea lately. all right. i started working with you. it actually works. eating more and i'm losing weight. how is that happening? >> you were so upset initially. you're in my office. it's not going to work. the only way you can lose weight is to suffer. that's how we think, but it just doesn't have to be that way. the way the body works the more your feed it the right food it loses body fat and actually makes you drop weight. so three simple things. you have to eat every three to four hours. you have to eat the right amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein. and a concern -- or a certain amount of calories. >> you have to eat every three to four hours. >> think of a baby. a baby feeds on breast milk every three to four hours. the first year of life that's all your body is meant to be
1:48 am
fed. we abandon that because of society. we move to eating three meals a day. every time you miss a meal, your body burns muscle which slows down your metabolism. makes you hungry going into that next meal and that's when you eat the donuts and fried chicken and things like that that spike your blood sugar. >> basically i would go all day without eating. i would eat sometimes in the morning and wouldn't eat until 8:00 at night because i'm busy and starving. most people do that. what you're doing is putting your body in starvation mode. some people try to restrict calories. >> what you were doing you were starving yourself and using exercise to counter it. then once you got too busy and you could. exercise as much, your nutrition was still bad and that's what made you gain weight. >> what about calorie restriction. most people go on a diet and say i'll eat 1,200, 1300 calorie as day.
1:49 am
>> anything can help you lose weight. the big question is this. can it take you to that next level. can it reprogram your metabolism and prevent you from gaining that weight back. everybody knows how to lose weight. how to stop gaining it back. stabilize your blood sugar. that creates internal hormonal balance. with the right exercise you burn up that fat. >> the first week it was like five pounds. you're like you're going to lose and you won believe it because you're constantly fueling your body. my energy is off the charts now. like during the day i'm not like aghh. >> our nervous system lives off off food. feed it your body will work four >> every meal you have to have a consistent balance. last night i went to the christmas party. i said i'll have a couple of vodkas. >> if you're going to drink, have your protein, have your fat, salmon, have some veggies, but cut out your starchy
1:50 am
carbohydrates. it helps minimize the damage. >> you told me four hours later after you drink at that party your said go home eat fat. >> protein and fat not carbohydrates. that gets your metabolism going again. the biggest mistake people make is they don't eat all day. then they overeat food. they have this huge meal because they're starving, then they go to bed on a full stomach and store that body fat. >> you have this little pack. what i do if you're out shopping all day what people should do have a shake or bar. have a protein bar. >> make sure the protein and carbs are equal. not a protein bar with a lot of carbs and a little protein. >> why do people preach that always because that's we don't know any better then why do we >> you have this little pack. what i do if you're out shopping all day what people should do have a shake or bar. have a protein bar. >> make sure the protein and carbs are equal. not a protein bar with a lot of carbs and a little protein.
1:51 am
>> why do people preach that always because that's we don't know any better then why do we do that? >> we're slowly moving but right now we're broken. think about it. by 2020, 70% of the american population will be overweight or obese. we're regressing because we think eating less is better. it's never been that way from our first breath. we have to eat more. the leaner you get the more food you need to consume. you need to eat the right food. not just a bunch of carbs. >> it's interesting because i'm thinking this is never going to work. you tell me you're going to eat this much. because i eat one big meal. than's it. it's amazing. i eat six times a day. >> and you're enjoying your food. >> i get to eat whatever food as long as i keep it in balance. not that much exercise. it's great. >> and you can have your meals, too. you can enjoy your food. just be great with everything
1:52 am
else. >> mark macdonald. great book. thank you so much. i can have my cake and eat it too for the hol case and so can you. >> appreciate it. >> up next here on cnn our shannon cook goes one on one with legendary peter gabriel. [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®.
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the legendary peter gabriel adding to his reputation as a musical innovator. music innovator. he re-imagined some songs from his catalog against 46 piece orchestra. he captured the recordings on an album he calls "new blood." he talked about with it our shannon cook. take a listen. ♪ >> some critics might say that you're not exactly re-inventing the wheel when you do an album like this. did you fine it challenging? >> yes. no. i think the way we did it was not the sort of normal add strings to rock band and i think
1:56 am
these were, they were recreations in a way that allowed new life into the songs and stripping away the crutches of the rock band, the guitars, rhythm section of drum, electric bass meant the songs were very exposed and gave them space to grow into something else. ♪ i really didn't want to have greatest hits record. i thought let's get an interesting journey because i'm old enough to love albums when you sit through from start to finish and you ended up in a different place than where you started. we chose songs that were textured, that worked for orchestra, that would maybe avoid some of the rock chorus
1:57 am
rock chorus and more cliche things that went a section, b section construction. ♪ >> i guess using an orchestra affords the opportunity to get a little bit over the top at times. >> yep. >> and have some fun. is there a particular song where you just said okay let's just go nuts here? >> yeah. i think -- i mean there's a sense that, you know, when rock stars throw an orchestra in and you're going to get all pompous and i think we tried very consciously to avoid that. i think one of my favorite moments is called "rhythm of the heat." it starts with an african drum group. it's an exciting thing. and i thought, you know, why don't we take these drum pattern, little sequences and
1:58 am
throw them over on to the strings particularly, and the other orchestra instruments. ♪ [ applause ] so to me that's everything is going in the kitchen sink but it's really powerful to me and i think shows that what you can do with an orchestra. ♪ the rain is coming down want to check some of your headlines right now. investigators in the philippines are working to learn what caused a cargo plane to crash into a slum near manila. 13 people were killed. two victims were reportedly children. at least 20 people were injured.
1:59 am
the crash sparked a fire that torched a school. the plane reported problems after taking off but wasn't able to make an emergency landing. a crosstown rivalry got out of hand in cincinnati. players from xavier and cincinnati traded punches as their basketball game was ending. the brawl cut the game short with nine seconds left. xavier had put the game out of reach. suspensions are expected once the league review it is video. baylor university quarterback robert griffin iii won the heisman trophy tonight as this year's best college football player. griffin, a junior, led baylor to a 9-3 record and a berth in the alamo bowl. and for andrew luck, he was a runner-up for the second year in a row here. and he had been the preseason favorite. but someone else won out. a happy homecoming for thousands of sailors. they arrived back in norfolk after a seven-month deploy, supporting troops in iraq and
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